Many sport horses do not perform optimally because they are stressed and cannot concentrate on the competition. Stress, nervousness, panic and lack of concentration are a very complex problem.

ZEN improves concentration, reduces stress levels and increases sports performance.

This supplement was developed to support horses during moments of stress. This supplement ensures that horses can focus on the work and thus achieve better performance.

A formula developed in-house in collaboration with nutritionists and veterinarians to achieve maximum results without the horse losing any energy or strength.

Unique to ZEN is that it also helps to balance the hormone balance, which is excellent for irregular mares

Need nutrition advice for your horse?

Ecurie Le Jeune Vizzini

Satisfied customer

I have been working with the Horse Tonic supplements for almost 2 years now. I can say that my horses never run out of energy as they have their tonic and never have stomach problems since they have the ph. I have also tried the Zen on a very complex mare and have had great results… I would also like to point out the Artico which is a joint supplement and which I am already giving to the young horses to promote bone support and tissue development.

Stal d’Aubry

Satisfied customer

After months of struggling, blood analysis, having different vets look at it, we have finally found something that helps, thanks to horsetonic our pony has recovered and is shining in its skin!

Joachim Hoedt

Satisfied customer

Top products with top results. Professional company with knowledge, always correct advice. All my horses shine and are doing well, every blood analysis is in order.

My vet was amazed at how complete and highly dosed these products are. Good supplements and affordable, keep it up!